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Speed rivet technology

Speed rivet technology from GESIPA®

Speed rivet technology is an assembly method that requires access from only one side and enables fast cycle times thanks to the pre-racked rivets and automatic feed. After setting is complete, the setting tool automatically prepares

the next speed rivet. This technology is often deployed in industry, electronics (e.g. circuit board assembly), housing construction, household appliances (e.g. washing machines and coffee machines), lighting (e.g. LED lamps, lamp housing), lightweight structures and aviation. 

From a single source

GESIPA® speed riveting tools are easy to use and can even be attached to riveting stations depending on the application-specific requirements. All GESIPA® speed riveting tools are powered hydro-pneumatically. We pride ourselves on the service we provide. We go one step forward making sure you have the exact setting tool and joining element you need and provide customised solutions and the corresponding service.

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Speed rivets

One impressive feature of GESIPA® speed rivet technology is that the speed rivets are immediately ready for use. The disposable mandrel with captive speed rivets ensures they are immediately ready for use, thus guaranteeing fast loading and changing of the magazine (the joining elements do not need to be inserted into the processing tool individually by hand). The application range of the rivet magazine is indicated by a distinct colour marking. With GESIPA® speed rivet technology, no spent mandrel remains in the joint after riveting.


The individual rivets are stacked on a mandrel body, which can then be used right away, allowing for extremely fast processing and cycle times. The magazine can be exchanged with speed too and there is no need to struggle with threading new rivets onto an old mandrel. In addition to this, the rivets themselves are vibration-proof and stable in use. The practicality of one-hand operation makes this technology extremely versatile in terms of its applications. In fact, GESIPA® speed rivet technology is proving to be a popular alternative to automation within medium and large industrial settings. During the setting process, there is no danger of the mandrel being lost or the joining element falling. What's more, GESIPA® speed rivets are even the sensible choice in terms of price when compared to other speed blind rivets given that the speed rivets are threaded onto a mandrel, for which the customer doesn't have to shell out any extra. 

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