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Values at the heart of all we do

Within a company that is active in different countries and cultures, a focus on mutual understanding and trust is absolutely essential. Following shared values provides crucial common ground here and can help in the decision-making process. Our values

apply to all employees across the GESIPA® Group and extend to our customers and partners. It is the GESIPA® values that shape our partnerships and fuel our success.

Positive attitude and enthusiasm

We never stop coming up with new ideas! We embrace change and are quick to get innovations implemented. Although this can prove challenging at times, here at GESIPA® we have the strength and stamina required to cope with change. In fact, we see changes and challenges as fantastic opportunities for the entire GESIPA® Group to keep on improving. We love sharing in our enthusiasm for our products and services with our business partners and colleagues.

Experience and expertise

GESIPA® is only ever as good as its employees. We put a huge focus on knowledge management and always ensure that our employees have access to expertise and experience so they can develop further. Our employees are all exceptionally well qualified.


The knowledge possessed by an entire team will always be much more extensive than the expertise of one individual. We strongly encourage communication and ask that everyone's opinions are respected. When working as part of a team, it is crucial that no information is withheld. Pushing for a team effort is  much more powerful and inspirational approach than doing it alone.

Honesty and mutual respect

We are well aware that everybody makes mistakes. That's why we encourage staff within the GESIPA® Group to admit to the mistakes they make and talk openly about them. At GESIPA®, we make sure that every single one of our employees knows just how highly they are valued by us as individuals.

Trust and reliability

We place our trust in our employees and business partners, as we know that this is the only way to work together effectively and guarantee successful relationships. We pride ourselves on our reliability and in the event of any departure from what has been agreed upon we take it upon ourselves to put this right. 


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