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as an employer

If you choose to join our team, we will offer you career prospects and opportunities for continued development. As a GESIPA® employee, not only will you be part of an 

international company, but you will also find yourself working in an exciting environment where sights are set firmly on the future.

Human touch

Here at GESIPA®, we really care about people. We offer good training opportunities as we believe that by training and developing our staff, we are strengthening our commitment and service levels we offer to our valued customers.

Safety in the workplace and job security

GESIPA® offers good rates of pay, excellent holiday entitlement along with contributions towards a healthcare scheme, pension benefits and other rewards.The company embraces equality in the workplace and is positive about disability and is striving to be an equal opportunity employer. We also implement the highest safety of standards, performing regular checks to ensure that processes are as efficient as they can be and that the technology we are using is state-of-the-art.