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GESIPA® Process Control


In the production of safety critical components as well as in automated setting processes, GESIPA® tools with process monitoring can facilitate monitoring and documentation of the setting process. The three window process monitoring technology is ideal for complex joining.

WinTech setting process monitoring

As the logical progression of the setting process monitoring system being developed by GESIPA® over the years, WinTech technology involves the setting process being evaluated with the aid of position and force sensors as well as integrated electronic circuitry. Up to three evaluation windows can be configured with the set-up software. A coloured LED on the tool shows the result of setting process monitoring. With a data line, the values can also be recorded and further processed. The tried-and-tested TAURUS® C from GESIPA® is at the heart of WinTech setting process monitoring for blind riveting. There is, however, also the option to use rivet nut setting tools in combination with GESIPA® WinTech setting process monitoring as a technology you know you can rely on. When it comes to blind rivet nuts, the FireFox® C is the ideal setting tool when you are looking to put this technology in use.


WinTech technology gauarantees maximum process relaibility. As each Individual setting process is documented, it helps avoid additional quality costs.

Processing tools

WinTech technology can be used to monitor the setting process for both blind rivets and blind rivet nuts. When you are working with blind rivets, the tried-and-tested TAURUS® C can be combined with WinTech setting process monitoring. The pneumatic blind rivet processing tool with setting process monitoring integrated is perfect for manufacturing safety critical components. For processing blind rivet nuts, you have the FireFox® 2 C and FireRex® at your disposal in combination with the corresponding multi-window technology. The design of the FireRex® means it can be used to set blind rivet nuts at any possible angle within industrial production applications and integrated into industrial robots, manufacturing systems and linear guides.

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