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Quality at GESIPA®


GESIPA® products have proven their reliability and consistently high performance time and time again. This is the result of our ever-expanding experience within production teamed with a commitment to quality that is second to none within the industry. The combination of highly qualified employees, state-of-the-art production machinery and quality management implemented alongside the manufacturing process is our way of guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction. For GESIPA®, maintaining and continually bettering these high quality standards forms a long-standing commitment at the heart of the business strategy. Our quality management system is based on the DIN EN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards. We 

are committed to continually striving to improve in line with the Kaizen, CIP and 5S approaches. We regularly measure our processes against key performance indicators, evaluating the results and using them to derive potential for optimisation on an ongoing basis, which we then harness. All of our members of staff have an active part to play in the continual improvement process. It is with a focus on future generations that we conduct our business operations in a responsible manner as far as the economy, environment and community are concerned. At GESIPA®, we are sensible in our use of resources and always aim to work in ways that protect the environment. All of our products comply with the requirements of the 2011/65/EU RoHS Directive.

Environmental protection and sustainability

We are committed to keeping our business activities sustainable, protecting the environment and continually improving environmentally friendly services.

We use energy and other resources as efficiently and sparingly as possible so as to reduce or completely eliminate the risk of polluting the environment. The aim is for our products and services to be environmentally friendly and promote resource efficiency throughout their entire life cycles. We train up all of our employees to make sure that they are aware of their responsibility towards the environment.

Health and safety in the workplace

We safeguard our employees and care for their health by providing them with a safe place to work and focusing on ergonomics.

We perform risk assessments and identify any dangers or potential causes of stress or strain. Based on the results of our findings, we come up with appropriate safety measures. We involve and participate our employees on the subject of occupational health and safety. Preventive actions and programmes are in place to actively avoid accidents at work and we encourage our staff to look after their own health.

A focus on quality for products and services

One way in which we wow our customers is by delivering the high quality standards they expect of us. We set ourselves "zero defects" targets for all of our processes, products and services and will stop at nothing to achieve them.

Every single one of our employees is qualified to follow the workflows and deliver the standards set within their field of responsibility. We set quantifiable targets and measure the processes in place within the company against relevant key performance indicators. We take a systematic approach towards analysing causes of errors, rectifying them with efficiency and lasting effect. Streamlined processes are always our goal and we avoid waste at all costs.