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Universal nosepiece

Practical accessories for your GESIPA® riveting tools

The universal nosepiece replaces five different nosepiece sizes. The rotary star built into the steel head sleeve can be easily and quickly unlocked without tools to set the desired

nosepiece size. The universal nosepiece is available for the following riveting tools: AccuBird®, PowerBird®, SN2, HN 2, PH 2, PH 2000

Where can I get the accessories?

If you are interested in the products, please contact your local dealer or our Customer Service.

Working range

From Ø 2.4 up to Ø 5 mm blind rivet made of alu, copper and steel, and up to Ø 4 mm for stainless steel.


Trigger the extraction process on the riveting tool and keep the actuator pressed. Then push the adjusting ring backwards as far as it will go (1).
Set the hole for the desired mandrel diameter by turning the rotary star. Release the actuator of the riveting tool: the rotary star is automatically locked by the advancing gripping mechanism (2).