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Industrial Riveting

The Industrial Riveting business division is dedicated to international customers and applications that fall under "general industry". Here at GESIPA®, this covers all sectors that are classed as "non-automotive". In line with the GESIPA® philosophy, an application-focused approach that is tailored very closely to the customers' specific requirements is at the heart of everything the division does – from the very early development phase. The result is huge added value for customers in the form of their very own customised solution.

Building on our experience over the years, the Industrial Riveting business division has excelled at what we do and our long-standing partners value our team of experts. When it comes to customer service, the key is providing a full package. This means that we do so much more than just providing our customers with a tailored fastener. We also offer in-depth advice and make financially viable suggestions as far as tool and workstation optimisation is concerned. We work towards a solution that is as cost-effective and practical as possible and we always leave a smile on our customers' faces while we are there!

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The various market segments

The demands and requirements of customers within one group are often very similar. To ensure that our colleagues within the Industrial Riveting business unit are best placed to address these requirements efficiently, we have combined customer groups with similar needs under market segments. This helps us to keep an eye on the bigger picture, ultimately speeding up our response times and revealing interesting synergies.

Industrial metal engineering

Industrial metal engineering

Many customers from the construction industry have been working with GESIPA® for a great many years now, as they know they can rely on the speedy joining process and excellent technical support. Our main customers operate within the formwork construction sector. Next time a house is being built in your neighbourhood, make sure you check out which support panels are being used for the wet concrete as it solidifies. It's very likely the manufacturer of those panels appears on our list of customers. The panels are made up of several layers and the chances are that those layers will be riveted together.

This market segment also includes scaffolding, ladder and event stage production. Next time you step onto a ladder, don't forget to look at how many blind rivets there are holding the individual components together. You'll be surprised! In this application, blind rivet technology most importantly provides incredibly strong connections and structural designs that counter theft.

Air conditioning technology

Air conditioning technology

Within the air conditioning technology segment, manufacturers of heating and air conditioning systems are grouped together. The housing structure in particular will be riveted, given that it consists of several materials including steel, aluminium and plastic. In addition to the housing, supporting cross beams will also be riveted, with a view to increasing the rigidity. We really wow our customers with the huge potential for automation and a processing procedure that is so much quicker than using screw connections.

Metal and electronics

Metal and electronics

The main players within this segment are manufacturers of solar technology, white goods and lighting technology. Of these fields, solar technology is the market currently recording the most positive growth. Within this segment, blind rivets are mainly used to fix substructures within both free-standing and roof-mounted applications.

Businesses with a focus on white goods will also often make use of blind rivet technology. For example, washing machine drum holders are fastened with high-strength blind rivets, absorbing the strong forces that result from spin cycles.

Within the lighting technology sector, blind rivets have many uses, including as a way of fastening a housing. Speed rivets, which are threaded on a single mandrel in bulk, are particularly well suited to this application given that they can be processed at speed and guarantee high productivity levels. You can find out more about this technology by reading the section on speed rivet technology. Conventional blind rivets can also be used for mounting light strips on ceilings and walls.



The transportation sector is broadly divided into the two areas of the movement of people and the movement of goods. The movement of people covers everything from lifts, escalators and cable cars to trains. As in most of the other segments, blind rivets are used here for the strong connections they establish and the high production speeds that can be reached.

Based on revenue, the movement of goods accounts for the largest part of the Industrial Riveting business unit. Well-known manufacturers of semi-trailers, also known as truck trailers, are among our customers within this field. Almost every element of these products is riveted: doors, side panels, stanchions, roof covers and so on. Trailers can have a whole host of applications. GESIPA® addresses this fact by ensuring that the number of fasteners is kept to a minimum to reduce the required logistics as far as possible.

Manufacturers of truck bodies (DHL vehicles are a good example) and car trailers also have to rely on trusted blind riveting technology. For instance, a standard hardware store trailer will have around 100 high-strength blind rivets, with a special steel alloy giving these joining elements their extreme strength. Overall, the transportation sector is a market recording extraordinary growth on a global scale. It has a very firm place within our modern consumer society.

Storage facilities

Storage facilities

Storage facilities is another field that falls within the Industrial Applications Business Unit. Just like companies within the transportation sector, manufacturers of high-bay warehouses benefit from the use of blind riveting technology. This segment also includes forklift trucks, which are combined with high-bay warehouses to create fully automated logistics centres. They can often be found at the central warehouse sites of major grocery chains. Here, blind riveting technology really plays a "supporting" role in that it is used to fix support elements and cross beams. And not forgetting that forklift truck chargers are riveted too.

Added value for customers

The Industrial Riveting Business Unit builds on long-term, sustainable partnerships based on trust, which provide our customers with the following major benefits:


  • Availability: We are at hand and ready to help when our customers need us
  • Focus and commitment: We take our customers' problems very seriously and are happy to help
  • Speed: We provide our support with speed
  • Reliability and trust: We stick to our promises


  • High product quality: Our solutions offer customers outstanding value, with long-term functionality guaranteed
  • Full package: If you want us to, we will create a comprehensive solution consisting of fastener, riveting technology and workstation optimisation