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Sites around the world

GESIPA® Poland

The GESIPA® subsidiary in Poland is located in Legionowo, which is a small town to the north of Warsaw. Although the Polish GESIPA® site wasn't set up until 1997, but GESIPA® riveting technology was available in the country from 1988.

The Polish subsidiary creates the ideal bridge between the eastern and western markets for GESIPA® and the team also focuses just as much on trade and industry. 

Polish Demonstration & Training Center

The GESIPA® Demonstration & Training Center has come to be incredibly popular on a global scale. Rather than being based at the central Polish site in Legionowo, the centre is strategically positioned in an ideal spot close to the airport in Krakow, making it quick and easy for customers and partners to get there from inside Poland and further afield. The demonstration space is equipped with the entire range of GESIPA® products, giving people the chance to check out everything including our trusted manual riveters along with the full selection of battery-powered setting tools for blind rivets and blind rivet nuts to full automation solutions. They can even test out all the products for themselves at the centre. There is also a GESIPA® assembly bench with integrated process monitoring and a built-in PC and monitor at the Demonstration & Training Center in Krakow.