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Flow drilling rivet

FDR® – FlowDrilling Rivet – combines the advantages of several joining processes in one. Self-piercing riveting marks a revolution in mechanical joining technology. The specially designed rivet head, rotation and joining force enables the new blind rivet to penetrate light metals as well as plastics. There is no need to predrill holes,

which saves you time and money. Incorrect alignment and borehole tolerances are a thing of the past, whilst the classic benefits of blind rivet technology, such as one-sided processing and high-quality, durable connections, are still on offer. The new patented process comprising a joining element and processing tool gives users a system solution from a single source.

Questions about FDR?

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The FDR® process is suitable for the following material combinations:

  • Aluminium
  • Magnesium
  • Plastic (with or without fibre reinforcement)
  • Steel (depending on material thickness and alloying)

Well-known GESIPA® technologies, such as the patented jaws system, process monitoring and a high-quality setting process, are combined with a rotation of 6,000 revolutions per minute. Learn more about the new technologies and contact us!

Advantages of the FDR® process:

  • Designed for automated processes
  • No pre-punched hole, no hole finding required
  • One-sided accessibility sufficient
  • Simple parameter finding
  • Highly suitable for light metals and plastics
  • Full process monitoring
  • Lightweight joining element (approx. 2 grams per rivet)

The FDR® process

The latest joining process to be patented by GESIPA® involves blind riveting without a pre-drilled hole.

Added value for customers

Our flow drilling riveting technology is based on long-term, sustainable partnerships, which provide our customers with the following major benefits:


  • Availability: We are on hand and ready to help when our customers need us
  • Focus and commitment: We take our customers' problems very seriously and are happy to help as soon as we possibly can
  • Speed: We provide our support with speed


  • Reliability and trust: We stick to our promises<b/>
  • High product quality: Our solutions offer customers outstanding value, with long-term functionality guaranteed
  • Full package: If you want us to, we will work with you to create a comprehensive solution consisting of joining element, processing technology and workstation optimisation


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