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Business Unit

Automated Riveting

The Automated Riveting Business Unit is broken down into different sub-sections, which include fully automatic blind rivet and blind rivet nut processing, process monitoring, assembly technology and automation, all kinds of special tools and technical advice and service.  By specialising in the two product areas – "fully automatic blind rivet processing" and "process monitoring" – customer requests

and technical requirements are analysed in great detail with the aim of jointly developing technically optimised and economically viable solutions. The Service division is responsible for commissioning tools on site, after sales service and maintaining system availability at the customer's premises. We are pleased to introduce you to the sub-sections of the Equipment Manufacturer Business Unit in a little more detail below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

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Martin Priestley
Head of BU Automated Riveting UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1535 212 242
Mob: +44 (0) 7740 737653

Fully automatic blind rivet processing


Customer-specific tools of any kind

If you are looking for a riveting tool for a very specific application, you have come to the right place! We can offer you solutions within the parameters of a specific project and special tools for processing blind rivets and blind rivet nuts. All of our solutions for the automated setting of blind rivets and blind rivet nuts can also be integrated into fully automatic robotic systems. Alongside robot-assisted automation solutions, which are used across almost all sectors of the manufacturing industry, we also produce our own GESIPA® assembly benches and systems. With one of our assembly workstations, you know you are guaranteed precise operation at a station that is perfectly tailored to your needs and to all GESIPA® riveting tools.

WinTech setting process monitoring

What we mean by setting process monitoring for blind rivets, blind rivet nuts and blind rivet studs is the online evaluation of the tensile strength and traction course during the blind rivet setting process. WinTech setting process monitoring (multi-window technology) is ideally suited for complex and/or critical connections. Using setting process monitoring helps you guarantee precision from the very first stage of production all the way through to the product being finished. The fully comprehensive GESIPA® quality management system uses function documentation to ensure that the fasteners have the specified properties so that production runs smoothly. Setting process monitoring delivers maximum product quality during processing, with the correct volume of the correct fastener being processed perfectly at the correct point.

Technical advice and support for your projects

When it comes to supplying customer-specific tools, it is essential that we are on hand here at GESIPA® to offer in-depth technical advice and guidance on riveting tools and automation solutions. It is very important to us that you and your employees get the training and support you need from our expert team of professionals. We will be very happy to set you up with a maintenance agreement too if that works for you. This means that we will offer you our technical services, taking care of maintenance and repairs on your company premises.
You also have the option of attending one of our maintenance and repair training sessions for your GESIPA® setting tools at our modern demonstration and training centre in Mörfelden-Walldorf, which isn't far from Frankfurt am Main. Or we can come to you if that works better. If your branch is based abroad, our team of specialists within one of the GESIPA® market organisations will coordinate with your technical services.

Training at GESIPA®

Added value for customers

We tend to build on long-term, sustainable partnerships, which provide our customers with the following major benefits:


  • Availability: We are on hand and ready to help when our customers need us
  • Focus and commitment: We take our customers' problems very seriously and are happy to help
  • Speed: We provide our support with speed


  • Reliability and trust: We stick to our promises<b/>
  • High product quality: Our solutions offer customers outstanding value, with long-term functionality guaranteed
  • Full package: If you want us to, we will create a comprehensive solution consisting of fastener, riveting technology and workstation optimisation